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Drop a hint

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and here at Sullivan Owen we've been busy prepping for the Super Bowl of flowers. If you'd like to receive (or send) the best flowers in Philadelphia this Valentine's Day, forward this post or save the photo below and send it along to your significant other. We'll help them make sure this is the best Valentine's Day ever! Orders placed before February 8th will receive free deliver to anywhere in our delivery area.

Sneak Peek

It just hasn't slowed down around the studio. We've been spreading the holiday cheer all over town with tons of holiday parties, wreath classes, a winter wedding and loads of holiday designs. Things are winding down slowly and we'll be taking a bit of time off for the holidays, something I have never really done before! Holiday means family time and this week T.O. and I got to visit with my Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Richie who were in town to visit Longwood Gardens.

I thought I would share just a sneak peek from our recent shoots. The first two shots were captured by the awesome Lorraine Daley a few weeks ago.

Next up is a behind the scenes shot and a completed shot from a floral hair piece shoot that I put together with some of my favorite local pros. Jillian McGrath on film, April Chatman-Royce on makeup, Brianna on hair and SO on floral, fashion and styling.

I'll be keeping the rest under wraps till the new year when we'll be adding tons of new work to the website and of course shots from all our weddings this year. It's so hard to edit, we've had such an amazing first year this year!

Thanksgiving Flowers

There's still time to order your Thanksgiving flowers wrapped in our limited edition Thanksgiving packaging. Order before Friday 11/18 and you'll receive free deliver on Wednesday 11/23! Give us a call at (215)964-9790 or email

What clients are saying...


Instead of hearing from me today I'm going to share some of the kind words our happy clients have sent in the last few months.

“I wanted to quickly say thank you for your truly gorgeous flower arrangements on our wedding day! I can't tell you how many compliments we got on the arrangements, my bouquet and the banister design. It was hard for me to put my bouquet down; it completed my dress! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are so lucky to have found you at the eleventh hour.

I should also say that I absolutely love to garden and have always loved flowers, but your unique arrangements, and eye for detail and color and design, have truly made me fall in love with flowers all over again. You have such a talent for taking a single bloom and transforming it into something quite different--something brighter, softer, sweeter. How sad to think that before my wedding day I never saw a garden rose nestled against a tree peony nestled against a french anemone. They are so perfect together!”

R & J VA married October 30, 2011 at Cairnwood

“When I reflect on the more memorable aspects of our wedding, your flowers will stick with me for life. The bouquet you made for me was so far beyond my realm of expectations. You are amazing…”

CK married October 29, 2011 at Terrain

“I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful, remarkable work you did on the flowers for my wedding. I have heard from so many just how lovely all the designs were and I saw for myself just how exceptional your work can be.”

DB married September 4, 2011 at The Horticulture Center

“Thank you so much for making our special days so memorable. Everything was magnificent –from the bouquets to all the centerpieces.”

KR married September 29, 2011 at City Hall and reception October 9, 2011 at Terrain

“The flowers looked absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job. Thank you so much. I got so many compliments on the arrangements. And I was in love with my bouquet. Everything was perfect!”

HW married October 22, 2011 at Greenfield Hall

“Thank you so much for designing the MOST gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements for our wedding! The flowers were truly breathtaking and all of the décor came out beautifully. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that our vision for our day became a reality! We really enjoyed working with you!”

S & DL married September 4, 2011 at Terrain

“Thank you for your great work this weekend.  Our wedding turned out beautifully and your work was a big part of that!”

EH married October 15, 2011 at Terrain

“Just wanted to let you know that the florals were more than I could have imagined!!! Simply stunning!”

KJ married September 3, 2011 at Terrain

"We just wanted to send a note of thanks for the gorgeous floral arrangements you created for our wedding.  The arbor, the centerpieces, the boutonnieres, everything was gorgeous, unique and exactly what we had hoped for.  We were completely blown away by the colors and how lush and natural you made everything.  We did not want our arrangements to be the "typical" wedding decor, and you work was absolutely anything but,  It was absolutely perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

S&F married October 29, 2011 at The Horticulture Center

Flower Files: King Protea

Name: Protea Cynaroides Nickname: King Protea, Giant Protea, Honeypot, King Sugarbush Fragrance: None Ego Maniac: This flower has the biggest head of it's genus Hometown: National flower of South Africa Superpower: Can withstand fires due to its thick underground stem which contains lots of new buds

This would make an awesome bridal bouquet as a single stem!

Sneak Peek

This past weekend Sullivan Owen had 3 weddings and lucky us, one of the photographers already put a preview up on his blog! Otto Schulze is an incredibly talented photographer who has travelled the world shooting amazing weddings. The photos are incredible and capture how stunning this wedding really was. With details and styling by Styled Creative, film by Society Hill Studios, food and drink by Starr Events & Little Baby's Ice Cream and of course Sullivan Owen floral design, this wedding was spectacular all around! Click here to see more on Otto's blog ...

flowers in her hair...

We recently designed a few floral pieces for our gorgeous bride Katie. Katie requested a "Pippa" style hair piece that she could wear with her hair half up and the result is so beautiful. Katie also requested a show stopping piece for her too cute for words flower girl. It's impossible not to squeal when you see the photo of her!

Here are a few stunning photos from the always amazing Heidi of Our Labor of Love.

Pale Shades & Textures Wedding

Jess & Doug were recently married at PECHE at Sherman Mills. The beautiful venue was enhanced with  great details by Styled Creative and photographed by Love Me Do. The dozens of floral designs by Sullivan Owen featured gorgeous locally grown dinner plate dahlias, cockscomb, celosia, air plants and succulents and much more. I love the contrast of the soft and pretty flowers with the steel vases and concrete pots. We had so much fun working on these designs and we wish the best to Jess & Doug and their families!

floral design by Sullivan Owen, details & decor by Styled Creative, photography by Love Me Do

Dahlia Farm

Today Sammi & I were lucky enough to visit an amazing Dahlia farm outside of Philadelphia. We met Jack, the 73 year old farmer of the most sought after Dinner Plate Dahlias on the East Coast. We were picking up dozens of the coveted Cafe au Lait cream dinner plate variety but Jack let us troop around his gorgeously overgrown property to take photos. It was worth getting frizzy hair to take these photos!

Jack only sells his dahlias to one wholesaler in NYC.  He had 3000 stems ready to go up in a truck tomorrow morning and he drives them 3 times a week during the season. Fortunately, he and my wholesaler allowed me to pick them up today! The season is ending, last year he cut the last flowers the first week of November. Getting to visit the farms really gives you a new appreciation for the work and passion that goes into growing such amazing flowers.

Purple & Rose Wedding

Flower Files: Rosa 'Amnesia'

Name: Rosa ‘Amnesia’
Fragrance: None
Color: Taupe Brown to Light Lavender
Availability: Year Round
Hails from: South America

This flower is incredibly versatile and looks great with so many different color combinations.

Autumn Festival at Terrain

We'll be helping our friends at Terrain celebrate the Autumn harvest this weekend! We'll have bunches & bunches of locally farmed flowers designed in our signature style for sale along with our always elegant vase designs. We'll also be demonstrating how we make our unique and unusual floral crowns & hairpieces.  

Be sure to come by Terrain this Saturday from 12-4 to celebrate this favorite of seasons. See you there!

(labor) Day

If you caught the most recent Flower Files post, I featured a flower called Blushing Bride.  We’ve got brides on the brain ‘round here.

We helped 6 very unique brides celebrate their weddings Labor Day weekend, from simple flower crowns to a large scale hanging floral installation. I have to say that designing with each bride is by far my favorite part of the process.  I feel like I’m always in that design mode since we are either installing this week’s wedding or designing for next year’s bride!

We don’t have too many photos from all these weddings yet so here’s a few snippets for fun, from super subtle pale shades to bold purple & lime to wild & colorful it was impossible for us to choose a favorite.  The guests told us that these designs were the most beautiful they’ve ever seen and that’s what we strive for with each and every design. More photos coming soon…

Flower Files: Serruria

Name:  Serruria Florida
Nickname: Blushing Bride
Hails from: South Africa Turn ons: Sunny skies & dry heat
Turn offs: Poor drainage & Weeds (loves the show though)
Little known fact: I’m related to the Macadamia Nut

Flower Files: Andromeda

Name: Andromeda Polifolia
Nickname: Japanese Pieris, Bog Rosemary, Lily of the Valley Shrub
Hails from: Washington, Oregon and also parts of Asia & Northern Europe
Fragrance:  light herbal Turn ons: Peat moss, Bogs, Long walks in the rain
Turn offs: Lacebugs & Nematodes Favorite Music: Grunge of course!
Little known fact: I am often confused with Lily of the Valley and Bleeding Hearts

Flower Files: Passion Vine

Name: Passiflora Caerulea
Nickname: Blue Passion Flower, Common Passion Flower
Hometown: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay (national flower) & Uruguay
Fragrance: Strong Floral Turn ons: humid climate and tall trees for me to climb
Turn offs: too much water & not enough sun
Little known fact: butterflies are very attracted to me

Special Delivery

Today was a whirlwind of deliveries, here’s some of today’s designs.

Lea, one half of the dynamic duo that mans the very busy front desk at Urban’s corporate headquarters received this gorgeous design from her team mates. She’s always helping us get our deliveries to the right folks around the home office so we were happy to make her an extra special design on her birthday. Happy Birthday Lea!


I thought I would end the week with some gorgeous images from Jillian McGrath featuring a super cute couple, an amazing field of yellow flowers and of course some of our floral designs. I loved this bouquet so much and it’s been a favorite with our brides so we’ll be making a few new versions of this slightly wild design in just a few weeks when our non-stop wedding schedule starts.  Have a great weekend everyone!