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Sneak Peek

It just hasn't slowed down around the studio. We've been spreading the holiday cheer all over town with tons of holiday parties, wreath classes, a winter wedding and loads of holiday designs. Things are winding down slowly and we'll be taking a bit of time off for the holidays, something I have never really done before! Holiday means family time and this week T.O. and I got to visit with my Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Richie who were in town to visit Longwood Gardens.

I thought I would share just a sneak peek from our recent shoots. The first two shots were captured by the awesome Lorraine Daley a few weeks ago.

Next up is a behind the scenes shot and a completed shot from a floral hair piece shoot that I put together with some of my favorite local pros. Jillian McGrath on film, April Chatman-Royce on makeup, Brianna on hair and SO on floral, fashion and styling.

I'll be keeping the rest under wraps till the new year when we'll be adding tons of new work to the website and of course shots from all our weddings this year. It's so hard to edit, we've had such an amazing first year this year!