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Dahlia Farm

Today Sammi & I were lucky enough to visit an amazing Dahlia farm outside of Philadelphia. We met Jack, the 73 year old farmer of the most sought after Dinner Plate Dahlias on the East Coast. We were picking up dozens of the coveted Cafe au Lait cream dinner plate variety but Jack let us troop around his gorgeously overgrown property to take photos. It was worth getting frizzy hair to take these photos!

Jack only sells his dahlias to one wholesaler in NYC.  He had 3000 stems ready to go up in a truck tomorrow morning and he drives them 3 times a week during the season. Fortunately, he and my wholesaler allowed me to pick them up today! The season is ending, last year he cut the last flowers the first week of November. Getting to visit the farms really gives you a new appreciation for the work and passion that goes into growing such amazing flowers.