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It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t love the ranunculus. With it’s profusion of tissue thin petals and it’s huge variety of colors, the “buttercup” is a majorly popular flower. The Ranunculaceae family is giant, with 600 varieties grown all over the world. It’s related to the reigning queen bee of flowers the Peony and the larger varieties are sometimes confused with their showy sister. Like most cut flowers ranunculus can be found year round but it’s peak season is December through May.

We shop daily for fresh flowers and yesterday these ranunculus just about jumped off the shelf at me so I had to bring them home. Below are some images from the love shoot I just had with them.

This beauty comes from California, it's a bi colored variety with a mix of pink and white shades all jumbled together, the blooms are on the small side and the stems are very sturdy.

These stunners come all the way from Japan where they are basically coddled into existence.  The stems are very delicate and the blooms are up to 4 inches across. These are pricey but they are amazing.

This is a Dutch variety, almost alien looking. The last image is of a stem that is exploding from the center.