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Love My Job

I know everyone has those days where they dislike their jobs but I’m totally in love with my job today. Actually most days I love what I do but today was really fun and sort of summarizes why I love this business and why I am so proud of the work that we do.

Today definitely didn’t get off to a glamorous start by any stretch, I was up earlier than the sun to hit the market for flowers for an extra special delivery and for our Early Summer Centerpiece class tomorrow night.  It’s so worth the sleep deprivation when you can walk away with this:

Yup, that’s a new Striped Tree Peony and it’s ah-mazing! My entire flower selection today was inspired by our VIP delivery to Johnny Weir!  He’s only an Olympic athlete and a runway model who designs his own costumes with a completely unique sense of style. No pressure, right?

So, drawing inspiration from my favorite source (Fashion) I pulled together blooms that range from dark & sophisticated like the almost black Peony to the splashy Striped Peony to accent blooms that can only be described as Muppet-like. It was one of my favorite designs, EVER! It’s really the perfect blend of style and quirk that we love to do and it’s why a Sullivan Owendesign stands out from the crowd in Philadelphia much like Johnny.

The order for Johnny was from his biggest fan in South Jersey since Johnny is in Philly at Macy’s Center City tonight for a fabulous style and shopping event. “B” wasn’t sure she could make the trip to Philly and wanted Johnny to know how much he means to her. “B” was such a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm and support for Johnny really inspired me to design something spectacular. “B” gave me complete freedom to design and that is a testament to the excellent design work that we do and the outstanding client service we offer, the two pillars of Sullivan Owen floral & event design.

Of course, you don’t have to be a celeb to get beautiful flowers from us! Check out these other gorgeous orders we did today inspired by Johnny’s design each with their own little twists.