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Around the Studio

Busy times but I’m popping by with another Around the Studio post to share what’s been going on.

First up is a sneak peek at our bride Kerri’s bouquet from her wedding on 5/29. Our bridal bouquets get their own supersized version of our signature faux bois packaging that our delivery clients love so much. I also included a note of congratulations on our custom stationary. Kerri looked truly stunning and the wedding was a smashing success, I can’t wait to see the photos! Wait till you see the bridesmaid's bouquets...

The studio is feeling quite tropical this week (no central AC) so we’ve got these gorgeous Protea & Saracena hangin’ in the window, they don’t mind the soaring temps.

We came back from the holiday weekend to a flurry of orders. At Sullivan Owen we really pride ourselves on being able to design for any sentiment in a tasteful and beautiful way no matter the occasion.

And finally, our pal and sometime intern Sammi graduated with a BFA from University of Delaware this weekend so T.O. and I went to check out her amazing paintings. Sammi has an amazing eye for color and her series of fish and plastics were the highlight of the graduate show in my humble opinion.