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Live Nude Peony!

Forgive my cheeky title but I couldn’t resist and I’m just going to say it… these Peony are the most beautiful color ever! They don’t look real, we had a sweet couple in today for a bridal consult and they thought they were fake. Seriously stunning and 100 percent real.  I paired these beauties with a darker peach Garden Rose, a touch of Seeded Eucalyptus and some amazing ‘Royal Purple’ Cotinus from the Pacific Northwest in a 150 year old copper tea kettle.  I had a little love shoot with them this afternoon.

The rest of this week we’ll be prepping for a Gatsby Glam wedding that is this weekend also in shades of peach.  While this particular Peony won’t be making an appearance other varieties of Peony, Garden Rose and Ranunculus will be there and are sure to be looking good.

This photo was a little underexposed but I think it's beautiful and couldn't make myself correct it