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Flossie the Flamingo

Today a very exciting package arrived!

Flossie the Flamingo made it safely to the studio via First Class UPS accommodations.  I know, I know,  I can feel the question forming already. What on earth is that and why are you excited about it? Read on for the exciting life and times of Flossie the Flamingo…

Flossie was commissioned by a co-worker of my fatherBob Sullivan back in 1979. The artist was an unknown duck decoy maker in Vermont. Upon her arrival at the offices of Geer Dubois in Midtown Manhattan her new owner was less than pleased with her citing her unusual proportions. Fortunately my father sensed something special and Flossie joined him as co-creative director while they crafted advertising campaigns for Mercedes-Benz and Barnes & Noble. They shared a 45th floor office overlooking the United Nations.  It was in that office at age 3 that I met Flossie and I’ve loved her ever since.

Eager for new challenges Flossie and my father moved on to Ogilvy & Mather on 5th Avenue, Flossie particularly liked working on General Foods! That was followed by the sweet years at D’Arcy-Macmanus on Madison Avenue working on Milky Way, Mars Bar and Twix but big changes were afoot with Advertising in the 80's.  Flossie says it wasn't exactly an episode of Mad Men.

My father and Flossie moved to Houston where she became a housebird for many years choosing to work on her various charitable causes. She has thoroughly enjoyed the warmer climate and has spent many years in Houston and Dallas.

Now Flossie will live at my studio. She’s a true family heirloom and a great piece of American Folk Art. Be sure to say hi to her when you stop by the studio.

You can see more of my father's work here at

Here's a great site that helped us recycle those first class packing peanuts.