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Anthropologie Demo

Last Friday, Anthropologie in Newark, Delaware celebrated Spring and the store's one year anniversary.  I started my former retail career with Urban and the whole company is very special to me so it was such an honor to be asked to participate in celebrating one of their great brands.  Our designs are a  favorite down at the company's Navy Yard headquarters and we love visiting their jaw droppingly gorgeous offices.

The fun began with choosing Anthro's great vases and containers to arrange in.  I brought a wide variety of flowers and was able to design for all the very unique vessels that Anthro sells.

The fun thing about floral design is that if something holds water, you can design in it.  These designs were created in cut glass jars typically used in a bathroom but they look just as fab with flowers as they do with Q-tips! As a special treat clients who purchased the vases got the flowers for free! Many lucky folks went home with a beautiful vase for their home and some flowers to brighten their day.  We also raffled off two bouquets of those gorgeous peonies.

I was busy working away to fill all those cool vases.

The event was so much fun, clients seemed to really enjoy it and it was nice to bring Spring into the store with all those fresh flowers.  Happy Anniversary Anthropologie Christiana!