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Anemones continue to be a favorite around our studio. We will soon have to say goodbye to this insanely gorgeous flower. It’s harvest season runs from December to April. Anemones are at their peak in February much to the disappointment of brides who desire it for their summer weddings.

There are about 120 species of anemones in the Ranunculaceae family. Colors can range from shades of red, pink, purple, blue, and our favorite, white. What makes this flower so striking is the dark black centers, though some varieties have a pale green center.

Anemones are cut when they are still closed and will open when exposed to heat and light. They are highly phototropic and will continue to bend and grow even after they are cut and arranged.

I love their ruffled foliage reminds me of a well accessorized woman, it's the perfect complement to their subtly shaded petals. Here are some beauty shots to ogle...

image above by Lorraine Daley

image above by Lorraine Daley

image above by Lorraine Daley