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Wait...whaaaattt? A new blog post out of nowhere

You heard it here, blogs are coming back or at least mine is. I have found that I have much more to say than can fit in a witty Instagram caption so I’m going to be blogging again and we started a newsletter. That’s right, we are all about that good mid 2000’s internet here at Sullivan Owen before all the tools were turned into influencer machines and fake news generators. If I could start a yahoo forum, I totally would. IMs, dial up, the first time you were catfished on MySpace- so many memories. So a new newsletter and semi regular blogging. I can’t promise every week but it won’t be 19 months either.

But we also have to keep up with the times and that means VIDEO. And while I still only listen to music from the 70’s to the late 90’s, I have learned to not just make videos but put them places where you can watch them like YouTube!

I even made a trailer which you can watch HERE, subscribe if you like over there, follow over on Insta because flowers and photos will never stop being perfect together and sign up for the newsletter which will be coming out just once a month.