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Valentine's Day 2018

It must be Valentine’s Day if I’m actually blogging! I know that blogs are not as cool as a crazy good instagram feed but it is one of the few places where I can put information that’s easy for everyone to find. So if you found your way here from my Instagram, welcome-we’re here to help you do Valentine’s Day right.

This is our 7th Valentine’s Day delivering the most interesting flower arrangements in the Philly Metro area. I’m changing things up by combining the fan favorite Champagne palette with this year’s Pantone Color of the Year-Ultraviolet to create… well I don’t really know what to call it. Can you make a Kir Royale with Creme de Violette? Would that taste good? We know it looks good and it doesn’t need a name because the look is so distinctive there will be no question you did Valentine’s Day perfectly.

To keep things easy, we’re offering our stunning new palette in a brand new limited edition oxidized metallic vase in our signature SO wrap for a flat rate of $240 including tax and delivery. This year we ask that you email your order and card message to hello at so that we get that love note down perfectly and can easily confirm your order.  Place your order early because we always sell out. Delivery is available on Tuesday 2/13 if you want to jump start the holiday and Wednesday 2/14. We recommend sending to your sweetie’s office because 1. we know they’re there and 2. you look like a rockstar to all their coworkers.

PS if you’re wishing someone would send you these, forward the image below to them and drop a hint