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The Studio Before & After

Years ago I lived on the 3rd floor of 510 Bainbridge St. in an awesome loft apartment and the first floor was an art gallery and workspace for a local artist.  It was spare and rarely open to the public and I’m not ashamed to admit that I coveted the space.  I always wanted it for something, I just didn’t know what.

Fast forward a few years and the space became available just at the exact same time I was beginning to look for a floral studio space. I think it was meant to be.  Here’s how we transformed it from a law office to the serene workspace that we love. "After" photos by Lorraine Daley

The exterior was transformed by a new front door, brushed steel hardware and several coats of Behr exterior paint in Platinum Gray. I loved painting outside, I did it on one of those super warm days in February and the whole neighborhood came by to chat, peek at the studio and introduce themselves. It's nice having such great neighbors.

If you ever are in a position to paint about 6,000 square feet of walls, floor and ceiling I recommend a serious amount of swatching.  I personally believe there is no limit to swatches. After all,  that is a lot of wall to look at if you end up regretting the color.

We ended up going with Martha Stewart Living paint in Dolphin from The Home Depot.  The color is like a shadow gray and I love the tones as the light changes in the studio throughout the day.  The short walls are painted in a fabulous faux bois by Adriene, one of the designers here at Sullivan Owen but that is another post for another day.

Before view towards the front of the studio

After view toward the front of the studio

I love antiquing and repurposing vintage furniture. I looked high and low for a HUGE bookcase or library shelving unit to emphasize the 10 foot ceilings. After months of searching, I finally found one at an antique market a long way away from Philadelphia. It is an old General Store cabinet from the 50’s and looks a bit homemade.  This piece is so heavy but fortunately it’s in two pieces, it still took four of us to move it.  Two of the original shelves were missing so we removed the rest to make it look uniform and hold some our event vase collection. We left it the green color it was painted when found.

I love this view, I’m so inspired when I look at it.  We meet with our brides and event clients right in front of the cabinet and they love it too!

We own tons of vintage pieces and all are available for rent for your event.

This buffet was another find from a junk shop.  A little paint and some new hardware from Anthropologie and it’s now our kitchen area.

The mirrors above the buffet are made from vintage copper sheeting removed from a building that was demolished in NYC.

This owl cookie jar only holds vegan gluten free cookies and treats from our pals at Sweet Freedom Bakery.  We especially love the coconut macaroons with chocolate ganache but honestly everything is delicious.

This is the typewriter desk where we hand type all our cards for our delivery clients.  We get so many compliments on our cards and packaging.  Our typewriter is an Olivetti Valentine from the 60’s.

By far the biggest change in the studio space was removing the partition walls that were put up by the previous tenant. This is the middle “room” of the studio which is now my office.

My desk is another junk shop find refinished in white crackle over black.  We did try to strip this down to the original finish as I love distressed wood finishes but that is a post for another day…

My pretty desk accessories

This is the back room, a very big space with crazy textured concrete walls with about 100 coats of paint on it. We added #101 and the flat finish paint really helps camouflage the wild texture.

My love for the giant 3 compartment sink knows no bounds, it makes scrubbing buckets more fun. At least for me!

This vintage work table holds the flowers while we’re working during the day.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with this super long post!  I’m so proud of the studio and HUGE thanks to Adriene, Sammi, April, Mark, Mike, Stan, Luke, Ed, Ed Jr. and of course T.O. for all their hard work and support.

It is such an unbelievable experience to being doing a job that I love so much in a place that feels like home. I’m grateful every day that we have such an amazing space to create in.

"After" photos by Lorraine Daley