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Made in Japan

Since Japan is on everyone's mind, I thought we would highlight some of the amazing flowers grown in Japan.  The country and specifically the southernmost islands grow some of the most unbelievable blooms found in the world. These flowers are so well cared for and raised with such love, each bloom is truly perfect. The Japanese Sweet Pea, Gloriosa Lilies and Ranunculus are out of this world gorgeous and a favorite of ours at Sullivan Owen.

This week we have some of the amazing Japanese Scabiosa, these are new varieties this year.

Enaga Purple reminds me of a ballet tutu, these are up to 3 inches across. They have a strong "Spring" fragrance which some people love, others not so much.

Green Puree  is a really interesting texture when added to bouquets. It is a petite little flower.

If you are planning on donating to Japan’s Earthquake Relief, check out to confirm your charity is legit.