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Business of Flowers

So, you want to be a florist? My friend Eileen of Flower School NY and I both believe that “florist” is going to be the next “chef” as far as career choices go. It seems everyone wants to be a floral designer these days which is exciting and also sometimes a little frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, choices and competition are great for the industry. The onslaught of new forward thinking florists around the country are rapidly changing the 100 year old standards of the old school family florist and the wire services. It challenges growers and suppliers to be more creative as well ensuring better products and more choices for us as designers. But, it’s really helpful to know that being a floral designers is not all picking wildflowers in a field in cute Hunter boots. It’s a little less glamorous then most would believe and a lot messier.

A great way to take a look into running a floral business is the Flower Shop series at Flower School NY. We get into the specifics of what your business is going to be about, pricing your work, making a profit and marketing your brand. The next class is 3/25-3/26 and you can register here.


Magnolia bouquet by Sullivan Owen, photo by Sullivan Owen