Philadelphia's most creative floral studio

Second Year


120,000 flowers processed
41,000 miles driven
9,500 photos taken
8,000 emails sent
6,500 buckets washed
4,700 candles lit at events
2,361 spam comments on the blog
2,045 varieties of blooms used
1,600 more square feet in our new studio
1,262 tweets
750 orders delivered to happy clients
633 facebook fans
572 instagram photos
625 glass cylinders used
98 fabulous vendors worked with
68 weddings for happy couples
45 trips to The Navy Yard
42 venues worked in
24 box trucks rented
22 months since opening
13 inches our lemon tree grew
12 blog features
11 classes taught
5 magazine features
3 months till T.O. and I move into our new house
2 new full time employees
1 person grateful to have had such an amazing year

Thank you for your continued support and happy new year!

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