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Philadelphia Flower School

We had our first class at Philadelphia Flower School last Thursday night. It was cold and rainy but our friends made it out for this invitation only class.

In return for wading through puddles, students worked with over 25 varieties of flowers and foliage to make beautiful compositions in a glass pedestal vase. Class begins with a run through of all the materials available to work with. We teach a bit about each flower or foliage, let students examine them and take in the scent and share any special care notes for handling the blooms.

Then I did a demo of two arrangements in very different color palettes.

Students were then unleashed on the bevy of blooms to choose their favorites for their composition.

After working up an appetite designing their compositions, students snacked on local cheeses, veggies and an assortment of gluten free, vegan baked treats from Sweet Freedom Bakery and capped the night off with a champagne toast.

All the beautiful designs were so unique and looked so pretty wrapped in our handmade packaging, everyone took home a vial of our Cut Flower Elixir as well.

You can find out more about the many different classes we feature here or by clicking "classes" below, we look forward to seeing you soon!