As of September 4, 2018 we will no longer offer daily floral delivery service. We will offer delivery orders for major holidays throughout the year and this page will be updated when we are offering a seasonal collection.


It was not easy to make this decision, for 8 years I have loved being part of my client’s celebrations and I know that I’ve come to know you all so much better by delivering flowers for new babies, grandchildren, birthdays, anniversaries and good wishes. It has been a wonderful way to stay in touch with past wedding clients and their families and that’s what I’ll miss most of all but changes over the last two years have dictated that I focus on my wedding and event business as well as my editorial and corporate partnerships while juggling a long-time dream project that I hope to have off the ground in 2019.  


When I started in my tiny Bainbridge studio 8 years ago I never would have dreamed that I would know so many of my clients so well and I’m so grateful for your support, kindness, referrals and of course for letting me and my team design for you and your loved ones! 

Thank you,